Feb 10, 2018

Election results at LG level : first result by midnight

This time the election results will not be announced according to the electorates, but as the final result of the respective LG institution, according to the Additional Elections Commissioner M.M. Mohommed.

He said that the results are expected to be announced after 12.00 midnight on Saturday.

Votes counted at polling centres!

He said the ballot boxes of the relevant electorates will be brought to a central point and counted separately and based on the total votes of the electorate, the winner would be announced at the same point by an authorised officer.

After the announcement is made, the results are handed over to the returning officer and based on the collective results of all divisions, the overall winning party of the LG body and the winning party of the electorate is taken into consideration in determining the number of Members to be included in the list.

In addition, the returning officer will present the overall results to the Elections Commission in Colombo and the final results will be announced, Mohommed said.