Sep 14, 2017

Tokyo Cement - MEPA to clean 15 Trinco beaches

Together with the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), Tokyo Cement will take the lead to clean 15 beaches in Trincomalee, as part of the National Coastal and Marine Resources Conservation Week 2017.

Joining hands with the MEPA Trincomalee District office, Tokyo Cement will deploy resources and personnel to clean up the coastal environs of some of the world-famous beaches along our Northeastern Coastline, including Pigeon Islands, Nilaveli, Alles Garden and the beaches along the Dutch Bay.

MEPA will carry out a nationwide series of programs covering 14 coastal districts of Sri Lanka to coincide with the International Coastal Cleanup day on 15th of September.  The National event will be held at Crow Island Beach Park, Mattakkuliya with the participation of His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena.  Similar events are planned in each of the 14 districts during the Marine Environment Week that falls during 15th to 22nd of September, and will be conducted in collaboration with the Department of Coast Conservation & Coastal Resource Management, Central Environmental Authority, Department of Coast Guard, the Sri Lanka Navy, School Children, NGOs and the coastal communities.

Tokyo Cement comes forward as the main Partner of the Trincomalee District event organized by MEPA, with the public event planned on the 21st September at Trinco beach, with the participation of school children, the tri-forces, public servants and government officials, and the general public from the area.  The company invites the public, living in and around Trincomalee to join hands with the cement giant to support this great cause to restore our famed beaches back to their pristine state.

In addition to the beach clean-up, Tokyo Cement will also support a 2-day program on under water reef clean-up around the Pigeon Island and Alas Garden reefs.  The company will deploy its resources already engaged in their Coral Conservation initiative, to support reef clean-up activities with the help of the participating organizations.

The company, for many years leads the Coral Conservation program, where it facilitates coral reef research, rehabilitation and conservation.  The second of its impactful undertakings is, the Mangroves Reforestation program, where they collaborate with the Sri Lanka Navy to replant mangrove saplings along the Eastern coastline of Sri Lanka, in a bid to preserve these complex and endangered habitats.  The company’s commitment to social responsibility breathes life in and through initiatives such as this, where they successfully integrate social welfare and environmental conservation into its corporate DNA as part of their continuous mission to enrich the country, its people and the environment.