Aug 06, 2018

Auditor general’s dept. in dilemma as chief is abroad Featured

Officials of the Auditor General’s Department are in a dilemma over new duties as their chief is in an extended visit to the US.

He was supposed to be there for a conference for two days only, but is still staying to audit the Sri Lankan embassy, which is being done by two other officials, say AG’s Dept. sources.

As a result, around 1,300 new appointees are unable to take their oaths following the activation of the national audit act from August 01, as per the amended audit act.

Commenting on this, former AG Sarath Mayadunne says they could take their oaths before the acting AG.

Secretary of the national audit services commission Kanthi Gunatilake says a date for the swearing-in will be fixed in consultation with the AG once he returns.