Dec 16, 2016

Shipping company demands 400,000 dollars over port delay Featured

A shipping company has sent a bill for 400,000 US dollars for the loss it had incurred as a result of the strike at Hambantota port, says prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

In a facebook posting, together with a picture of the Navy commander with him, Wickremesinghe asks as to who is going to pay for the damages.

The facebook posting says,

The Minister has informed me that the strike at the Hambantota Harbour is now over, and that many individuals have reported to work. The Naval Commander in turn has presented me with a detailed report on the operation which was carried out.

The shipping company has presented us with a bill of USD 400,000 for the loss it incurred. Who is going to pay these damages? Other ships too may now claim such damages. However the China Merchants Group are of the opinion that an agreement can be reached to resolve this matter. They hope to make this port an international harbour in the wake of overcoming these hurdles.

Irrespective of what party these workers belong to, we are working tirelessly in order to ensure that they all have access to a bright future. However, we are prepared to take steps against anyone who has actively taken steps to cause harm or break the law. We are grateful to the Naval Commander and the naval officers for their timely action in carrying out the successful operation to rescue the ships and crew.