''Opposition group has no common objective – DEW Gunasekara   ''Opposition group has no common objective – DEW Gunasekara
Aug 03, 2018

Communist parties boycott ‘Jana Bala Sena’ protest

The Sri Lanka Communist Party had boycotted the ‘Jana Bala Sena’ protest rally organised by the Joint Opposition in Colombo yesterday.

Expressing his views to the ‘Anidda’ newspaper, the Communist Party Secretary DEW Gunasekara had said that they had boycotted the rally as the joint opposition has no common objective.

He said as there is no common objective, any opinion could be expressed on stage and as a party with rationalist ideologies, if opinions that they cannot agree with were expressed at this rally, it could raise issues for his party.

He further noted that although they did not participate in the rally as a party, their party members were free to attend the rally if they wished.

 Crowd of almost 4000 – Intelligence units reveal

According to state intelligence sources, the rally organised by Wimal Weerawansa and Udaya Gammanpila of the Joint Opposition, had attracted a crowd of around 3500-4000.

Over 500 intelligence officers and spies were deployed to take count of the vehicles and persons attending this rally.