Jul 11, 2018

No room for political lists in graduate appointments (Video)

The current issued regarding the graduate appointments will be resolved very soon and no one would be allowed to grant appointments to graduates based on political lists, said Power and Renewable Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya.

He said this during the SLFP group meeting held on July 8th in Mawanella.

He said the President is taking the lead in providing employment to the unemployed graduates.

 Preference to interior graduates

In recruiting unemployed graduates to be trained as Development Officers of the state service, based on a Cabinet decision, preference would be given to internal graduates, said the National Policies and Economic Affairs Ministry.

 According to the Secretary of the National Policies and Economic Affairs Ministry Asanka Dayaratne, a survey would be carried out regarding the internal graduates among the group of around 5000 selected graduates.

 However, this process has not been completed as yet.

 However, he said for the selection of the first group, internal and external graduates would be selected without being categorized including special needs graduates and graduate ex-LTTE members who had undergone rehabilitation.

 No discrimination

 However, the Unemployed Graduates Association has expressed objections regarding the decision taken to give preference to internal graduates.

 Its Convener Ven. Thenne Gnanananda Thera said this is a violation of basic human rights.

 He urged the government to stop wasting time and grant employment to the unemployed graduates in the state service.


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