Dec 14, 2016

Int’l support needed for military to protect its good name - president (video) Featured

The Sri Lankan military will find it very difficult to protect its good name without international support in the face of accusations and suggestions by the UN with regard to the war, president Maithripala Sirisena has told military chiefs.

Describing the armed forces as being versatile for having destroyed a powerful terrorist outfit, he told the graduation of the Defence Services Command and Staff College at Makola in Sapugaskanda on December 12 that they should achieve victories at international level too, radiogagana reports.

Sexual abuse accusations
His remark came a week after the UN chastised Sri Lankan authorities over inaction with regard to the 114 Sri Lankan soldiers accused and deported in November 2007 over child sexual abuse accusations while serving as UN peacekeepers in Haiti.

The UNCAT meeting in Geneva has recommended punishment for the guilty, an authentication of the peacekeepers before being sent on future missions and training on sexual abuse prevention.

Speaking further, the president said it would be a challenge to regain support for the Sri Lankan military that had been in a state of rejection by the international military community, when he took over power.

International goodwill is needed to obtain expertise knowledge and training for the armed forces, he stressed.

President Sirisena criticized wrong interpretations by some about his efforts to regain that international support lost during the Rajapaksa regime.