Jun 29, 2018

Chinese FM threatened Sri Lankan authorities! Featured

A Swedish television documentary has revealed how the Chinese foreign minister threatened Sri Lankan authorities during a visit to Colombo in 2015 over the new government’s having halted Chinese-funded projects.

The SVT Sweden Television programme telecast on June 27 examines how China has invaded Sri Lanka after giving loans.

It says China is investing in expressways, playgrounds, power plants, a port city and in a major port in Hambantota.

The port construction was completed in 2007, but Sri Lanka could not make its payments to the Chinese company.

Ownership in lieu of loans

As a result, the Chinese government got Sri Lanka to handover the port on a 99 year lease.

In the past eight years, China has invested Swedish Krona 126 million in various projects.

China co-owns 30 of the 50 leading ports in the world, and controls 67 per cent of global container handling.

Indian professor of geopolitics Madhav Nalapath says the Swedish Crone 64 million that Sri Lanka is in debt to China is the reason for the link between the two countries.

Sri Lankan taxpayers cannot pay back such a massive sum of money, so the government has to pay with its assets, resources and the land. That is why Sri Lankan land is handed over to China.

Sri Lanka has no other option

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Ports Authority’s Parakrama Dissanayake says Sri Lanka had no other option, but to pay back in that manner.

Soon after the government change in 2015, the new regime halted all Chinese projects.

Chinese FM’s threats

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi arrived in Colombo and demanded back the Swedish Krona 64 m if the Hambantota and Colombo port city projects were to be halted.

Sri Lanka had to pay back with its land.

Such Chinese tactics were evident in Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Pakistan and the Maldives.

India and the US are worried by China’s military prowess, with the former stepping into control ports in Oman, Iran and Seychelles and planning to set up a port in eastern Sri Lanka.

Former representative to the UN Natasha Gunawardena says Sri Lanka does not have the West’s China-phobia.