Jun 23, 2018

Aloysius’s prison cell phone conversations exposed! Featured

The owner of Perpetual Treasuries Arjun Aloysius and CEO Kasun Palisena and other prisoners in the “H” ward Colombo Magazine Prison are said to be enjoying privileged facilities including access to mobile phones, according to prison sources.

In a recent raid of the ‘E’ and ‘H’ wards the authorities had found three mobile phones that were hidden.

Aloysius and Palisena had been remanded in the ‘E’ ward previously and had been shifted to the ‘H’ ward recently.

Togethre with the two of them, around 60 LTTE suspects and underworld gang members are said to be housed at the ‘E’ and ‘H’ wards.

Among them, those who are imprisoned over the Treasury bond scam are said to be receiving preferential treatment.

It is also reported that the intelligence units had revealed that these suspects had been using their mobile phones and are in constant contact with powerful politicians, as reported by ‘Deshaya’. They had revealed that Aloysius and Palisena were among the high profile prisoners using mobile phones within prison.