Jun 20, 2018

No stocks of all-country passports Featured

The Department of Emigration and Immigration has exhausted its stocks of all-country passports, giving rise to a possibility of a halt to the issuance of passports, nethnews reports.

The last stock was bought in 2015.

As a solution, the passport for Middle Eastern countries is issued with a stamp saying it is valid for all countries.

This is considered a very risky practice, as anyone can forge a stamp.

The International Civil Aviation Authority does not recognize such passports either.

The holder of such a passport, especially if travelling in business class, can be detained for questioning at a foreign airport.

Nearly 35,000 all-country passports are issued per month.

With 64 pages, it is priced at Rs. 7,500.

A 48-page Middle East passport is priced at Rs. 2,500.

The Department has a stock of 250,000 Middle East passport, which will be sufficient for four months only.

Even if ordered today, it will take at least five months for a fresh stock of all-country passports to arrive.

Government authorities were informed of this in August last year, but no solution has been given yet.