Dec 12, 2016

6 deputy controllers disregard transfer orders Featured

Six deputy controllers of the Department of Immigration and Emigration are disregarding the state transfer policy and continue to be in service in the Department by using their political affluence, reports say.

Due to the friendship they have with secretary to the president P.B. Abeykoon, the state administration circular 12/2016 of 29.06.2016 cannot be enforced for them after their having served at the state institution for more than four years.

The officials in question are M.A.P.I. Gunawardena (visa), R.A.C.S. Ranaweeraarachchi (visa), K.P. Yogachandra (diplomatic services), C.H. Gamage (citizenship), A.H.L. de Soyza (IT) and M.J.S. Ravisinghe (passport).

Controller general influenced

According to reports reaching us, these officers have used their political affluence to influence the controller general of immigration and emigration to prevent their transfers, and got a letter to the effect that they were indispensable for service in the department in 2017.

The controller general sent a letter on 03.11.2016 to the secretaries of home affairs and state administration ministries, saying his officers were inexperienced and counted less than three years of service, and the six senior officers were training them, while carrying out their routine duties.

Also, the letter asks that their transfer be cancelled on the ground that the new officers cannot be trained by stationing them elsewhere.

Furthermore, their services are needed to complete six projects of the National Security Council, Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Finance Ministry in order to report to a parliamentary committee.

According to reports reaching us, these officers have been transferred with promotions and privileges such as official vehicles, but they continue to remain in the department for more than 10 years now.

If state officials continue to remain in one institution for a long period, that could give rise to irregularities, and if their transfer affects the activities of the institution, that could be due to their having formed an internal mafia in the institution, reports say.