Jun 16, 2018

Clashes of southern underworld clans intensify! Featured

Clashes have intensified between several underworld leaders who are vying to become the 'Godfather' of the underworld, police sources say.

According to sources, these leaders include Makandure Madush, Kosgoda Sujee, Podi Lassi, Kosgoda Tharaka and Deundara Thamil.

However, the underworld is highly active in the southern region, which lies beyond the Benthara river.

The Southern clans have a bloodly past, with the number of victims going well past 500.

It is now revealed that the murder of Donald Ranaweera, the Vice chairman of the Karandeniya Pradeshiya Sabha, is a result of clashes between the gangs of Kosgoda Sujee and Kosgoda Tharaka.

It is said that Tharaka, Sujee and Donald were friends once. However, with the turn of many events, police have learnt that Donald was killed by allies of Sujee in order to frame Tharaka.