Jun 11, 2018

Fast food delivery boy robbed

A group of five who had ordered food from a fast food outlet in the Kottawa area had threatened the delivery boy with a sharp knife and made away with the food and money in his possession.

However, the suspects were apprehended by the Kahathuduwa Police in the Mattegoda area. Investigations had revealed that the suspects had placed the order and provided a false address for the delivery.

According to the police the stolen food was around Rs. 5000 in value and the thieves had also robbed the delivery boy of around Rs. 7000 in cash collections.

The suspects had telephoned the fast food outlet delivery service and placed an order for food to the tune of around Rs. 5000 and given the address of an abandoned house on a deserted lane.

The suspects who had been waiting at the abandoned house for the arrival of the delivery boy, had attacked him and fled with the food and money.

The suspects were apprehended by a team of Kahatuduwa Police officers from the crimes division based on a complaint received.

The police said a bag with the name of the restaurant had been found at the residence of one of the apprehended suspects.

Investigations are currently underway to determine if these suspects were involved with similar robberies in the area.