Jun 11, 2018

JVP's Dr. Nalinda seeks legal redress against Maithri

JVP MP - Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa stated that he would initiate legal action against Maithri Gunaratne for making defamatory statements against him.

Dr. Jayatillsa had said this in a FB post regarding the statement made against him by Maithri Gunaratne through audio-visual media on June 09.

“With regard to a statement made by Maithri Gunaratne that I had obtained money from Aloysius through journalist Mahesh Senanayake…"

He has further said :

Those who are now being exposed for having accepted money from Arjun Aloysius, is now trying to palm the blame onto others and implicate others in order to escape from being charged. It is not difficult to figure out who is behind “Maithri’s” voice.

I will initiate legal action against Maithri Gunaratne.

I will leave it in the hands of the public to deal with such unscrupulous individuals who engage in bribe and corruption and destroy the whole society,” Dr. Jayatissa had noted in his FB post.

Nalinda Jayathissa FB