May 26, 2018

England’s iron bridges and administrators’ antics! Featured

Britain had invited engineers from the Sri Lanka Highways Ministry for an inspection tour of an iron bridge project in Britain, but Sri Lanka had sent administrative officers instead, it is reported.

Britain had notified Sri Lanka to send five engineers for this tour but instead Sri Lankan authorities had selected three engineers and included administrators for the balance quota including the Highways Ministry Secretary.

It is reported that three high ranking officials will be participating in the foreign tour received by the Ministry.

They are the Secretary of the Ministry, Additional Secretary and the Assistant Secretary (Planning).

Sri Lanka has been installing Iron bridges imported from Britain throughout the country over a long period of time.

The general practice is to identify the location the bridge is to be installed, have the engineers draw up a plan and send it to England where the metal bridge is manufactured according to the provided specifications. Prior to importing bridge parts a team from Sri Lanka would go to England and check on whether the bridge is constructed according to the desired specifications and quality standard.

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