May 22, 2018

Captain arrested over electrocution of tusker (Pics)

The carcass of a tusker which had died due to being electrocuted by an electrified fence of a farm in Puthukudiiruppu, Mulaithivu run by the military, was found yesterday, according to the Puthukudiiruppu Police.

The police said that the carcass of the animal was found with the assistance of the Wildlife officers.

According to police, initial investigations had revealed that the fence surrounding the army run farm had been electrified to prevent wild animals entering it.

Hence, on the charge of erecting an unprotected power line to the farm fence a Captain attached to the 683 brigade was arrested.

Police said that the arrested Captain was scheduled to be produced before the Mulaithivu Magistrate’s Court.

According to the Wildlife Department Northern Region Veterinarian B. Giridharan, the tusker that had been killed due to electrification is believed to be around 30 years.

Last year, around 18 such wild elephants and tuskers were killed in the Northern province, he said, adding that due to human activity the wild elephant population in the Northern province is fast declining.

(Madhava Kulasuriya - Vavuniya correspondent)