May 16, 2018

Rosy under fire for trying to destroy stray dogs!

A newspaper advertisement published by the Colombo Municipal Council for the post of 'Dog Destructor' under the Grade III of the Primary Non-technical Segment has sparked anger and in social circles.

Pet lovers and animal rights organizations have expressed their dismay over the move of the CMC to destroy stray dogs.

This post had been vacant for a long period and even the prior Mayor A.J.M. Muzzammil had not taken steps to fill this vacancy.

The decision to fill this vacancy while Ms. Rosy Senanayake is working as the first mayor of the CMC has sparked public displeasure.

The measure is considered quite ironic as Ms. Senanayake is believed to be a dog lover as well. 
During the period when Nimal Siripala de Silva was working as the Health Minister, he had taken a decision to stop the killing of dogs and instead had taken measures to sterilize and spay these strays, controlling their numbers.

He had taken this measure as his wife Iranganie de Silva is vehemently against animal cruelty.

Speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror' regarding this issue, Mrs. Iranganie de Silva said she is against animal cruelty and there is absolutely no change in her stance. She added that a study conducted by the Colombo University had revealed that tourists visiting the country had seen a drop due to the country’s cruel attitude to animals.

Meanwhile, Attorney-At-Law Lalani Perera said although there are laws in place for the killing of stray dogs, based on a policy decision taken by the president in 2006, stray dogs are no longer killed.

However, she noted that discussions are underway with Local Government bodies to stop the killing of stray dogs and adopt the method of sterilization to control their stray dog numbers.

The newspaper advertisement of the CMC is as follows : 
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