May 01, 2018

Challenge to new Wildlife Minister : Sign the petition

The international petition by the Environment and Nature Studies Centre seeking a stop to animal cruelty in Sri Lanka, has so far been signed by several countries.

The petition demanding a stop to cruelty to animals, especially within the wildlife zones, urges the Environment Minister and the Wildlife Minister to intervene and stop  this cruelty. This petition also serves to educate the international community on this issue.  

This petition demanding a stop to wildlife cruelty, stopping the killing of elephants, stop the cruelty to animals within wild life zones and urging the Wildlife Minister to awake from his slumber and take action, seeks the corporation of all those concerned about animals.  

Meanwhile, the Environment and Nature Studies Centre urged the newly appointed Wildlife Minister Sarath Fonseka to take action to stop the cruelty to wildlife. They blamed the government for the recent crimes committed against wild animals and demanded that the government pay attention to this issue and find a lasting solution that would save the lives of the wild animals in the country. 

If you too are against animal cruelty, you could sign this petition by clicking the link below.