Apr 28, 2018

Legal action still not in place for the extradition of Udayanga, Arjuna Featured

The relevant institutions have still not made the required arrangements for the extradition of former Russian Ambassador Udayanga Weeratunge and former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran, against whom warrants have been issued by the courts.

With regard to the MiG transaction Udayanga Weeratunge is wanted to record a statement, while the first accused in the Central Bank Bond scam Arjun Mahendran has warrants issued against him on three occasions for failing to appear in court.

Currently, Weeratunge is said to be in the custody of the UAE Immigration, Emigration custody, while Arjun Mahendran is said to be living in Singapore.

If the relevant persons are to be brought to Sri Lanka for investigations, the FCID and the CID should first notify the Justice Ministry.

The FCID should notify the Justice Ministry with regard to the extradition of Weeratunge, while the CID should make this notification for the extradition of Arjun Mahendran, it is reported.

Thereafter, the Justice Ministry should forward the relevant letter to the Foreign Ministry.

Then, the letters should be forwarded to the EAU and Singapore Foreign Ministries through the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry.

Subsequently, the letters should be submitted to the Justice Departments of both countries, who would then take action to file charges against these suspects.

Thereafter, based on the extradition laws, the Justice Ministries of these countries would have to obtain a court decision for their extradition, it is said.

It is also possible to provide legal assistance on behalf of Sri Lanka, through the Sri Lankan diplomatic missions in those countries.

However, the accused also have the opportunity to oppose their extradition through their legal representations.

According to police sources, there are several cases where extradition has been suspended based on the objections raised together with the evidence produced by those facing extradition.