Mar 21, 2018

Gotabhaya afraid to go to court - Ranjan

Sri Lanka has become one of the four most corrupt countries in the world, said Social Empowerment Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake.

He said, “The fraudsters involved in these crimes have done their job well. There are court productions for these and there is the Malwane luxury residence. Thajudeen’s body is also there. Yet having all the evidence these cases are still stagnant and the perpetrators have still not been charges. There are the bank robbers too. But why are these rogues still not been caught?

“These rogues are being protected by the judiciary, lawyers, clergy, rulers and the people. Our country is in this state because the judiciary is not just. When I talk of these issues openly, charges are being filed against me. Yet I must reveal that there is a corrupt attorney who protects all these culprits. He whitewashes these fraudsters, it is shameful.”

“Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is afraid to go to court and appeals against being taken to court. Even those with us now, 75% of them are rogues and if they come for a debate with me I will reveal all their corruptions. I am in possession of all their files. There are rogues in both parties. The JVP claims to be a clean party, but who initially broke into banks? If we all unanimously agree to catch these rogues, irrespective of party colour, this country can be developed. Similarly, if court decisions are given straightforwardly and unbiasly, these judges could make this country a haven,” Ramanayake added.


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