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 ‘Unable to make an exact statement, as the TRC functions under the president’ – Harin Fernando ‘Unable to make an exact statement, as the TRC functions under the president’ – Harin Fernando
Mar 12, 2018

Social media blockade to be resolved within 2 days Featured

The blockade of social media networks, imposed on March 07 following anti-Muslim violence in Kandy, will be resolved within the next two days, according to digital infrastructure minister Harin Fernando.

He has told ‘Divaina’ that he was unable to make an exact statement, as the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission functioned under the president.

The minister said a discussion on the matter would take place today (12) at the presidential secretariat.

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Blockade was intended to prevent hate speech & sharing of information that provoke violence

Many are facing difficulties as a result of the blockade, imposed due to the misuse of social media by some, said Fernando, adding that the measure has been taken to prevent the publication of things that harmed the country’s dignity.

Earlier, the minister said in a statement the blockade was an ‘extraordinary, but temporary’ measure, and at the time it was expected it would be lifted after 72 hours.

When contacted, media minister Mangala Samaraweera told Sri Lanka Mirror that he disagreed with the blockade as a policy, but that he approved of the decision taken by the president at that crucial time.

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President took the correct decision – Mangala Samaraweera

At a time like this, not only the human rights, media freedom, but also other factors should be taken into consideration, he said, adding that the measure has brought about a productive result.

He has also tweeted that racial violence should be made a non-bailable offence and that politicians who lead such violence should be stripped of their civic rights.

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