Feb 22, 2018

Cabinet reshuffle is tomorrow? Featured

The much-awaited cabinet reshuffle could most likely take place tomorrow (23) and changes are expected in several key ministries, according to a spokesman for the president’s office.

The president wants to see it happen immediately, but there has been a delay due to the UNP not yet having submitted its recommendations, says the spokesman.

Certain UNP ministers have discussed among themselves and got their portfolios exchanged as the party’s list of changes had to be amended several times due to pressure by the president that ministers facing accusations should not be given any portfolios.

This will be the second cabinet reshuffle of the present government.

Including the ministries being held by the president and the prime minster, the cabinet has 47 members.

Of them, 15 are held by the UPFA, while the UNP has 32 ministries.

Also, there are 11 deputy ministers each from the UPFA and the UNP, and 11 UPFA state ministers and 12 UNP state ministers.

The government obtained parliamentary approval to raise those numbers, which should have been 30 cabinet members and 45 state and deputy ministers as per the 19th amendment to the constitution.