Feb 21, 2018

Madush’s clan involved in Borella shooting?

A person travelling in a car was shot at by two assailants who had come on a motorcycle at the Borella Cotta road area, and the injured person had been admitted to the Colombo National hospital, according to police.

The injured person has been identified as 32-year-old Asitha Kumara, a resident of Kotahena.

According to information gathered by the police, the victim had been travelling from Rajagiriya towards Borella in his car together with a female relative, when two persons had followed him on a motorcycle and one of them had shot him.

The incident had taken place yesterday around 07.00 pm near the Borella Cotta road railway crossing.

Police said the two assailants had worn full face helmets and they had used a 9mm pistol for the shooting.

The victim had sustained gunshot injuries to his stomach area, while people of the area had rushed him to the National hospital.

Police sources further revealed that the injured person had been released from prison a few weeks earlier having been arrested on suspicion over the killing of a disciple of Southern underworld gang leader Matara Danush in the Obesekara area in Rajagiriya about a year ago.

It is suspected that this shooting could have been carried out by members of Madush’s clan in retaliation for the killing of one of their members.