Feb 20, 2018

Visitor discontent at Pinnawala elephant orphanage Featured

A research article published in the journal Gajah has assessed reasons for visitor discontent in five highly visited ex-situ conservation establishments for Asian Elephants, by analyzing on-line visitor comments. They include the Pinnawala elephant orpahanage.

Titled ‘Visitor Discontent at Five Ex-Situ Elephant Conservation Establishments in Asia’ and done by T. G. Supun Lahiru Prakash1, P. K. Priyan Perera, A. G. K. Chethika Perera and Prithiviraj Fernando, the research paper says the proportion of negative reviews varied significantly between institutions.

Ten reasons for visitor discontent were identified.

Unethical treatment of elephants was the commonest and lack of conservation relevance the second commonest reason stated for discontent.

Other reasons for visitor discontent were related to misbehaviour of mahouts, management deficiencies and inadequacy of facilities.

Download the research article: