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Feb 13, 2018

UNP discusses three options Featured

The UNP is discussing three options – whether to remain in the unity government, to form a new administration or to function as the opposition, deputy minister Harsha de Silva has told

Expressing hope that the president would support any of the three, de Silva said the disruptive Rajapaksa loyalists within the present government should be curbed.

He stressed that there should be a background set for fulfilling what they have promised, noting that people were questioning about the undelivered promises.

However, the UNP leadership is of the view that the unity government should continue under the president’s leadership in order to deliver the promises given in 2015.

Serious criticism

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Commitment for strong decisions

UNP strongmen have admitted the result of the local government polls was an indication the present regime had not done adequately to fulfill those promises.

One of them is Mangala Samaraweera, who said in a statement that that message had been felt deep within the party, and expressed commitment to deliver the promises by taking strong steps.

He admitted allegations that there have been disruptions from the top government places to investigations into fraud and crime.

What Harsha tells SLFP ministers

Deputy minister Harsha de Silva asked the SLFP ministers to leave the government and join the Rajapaksas if they prevented efforts by the president to establish democracy and fulfill the promises given to the people.

He also said ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa was unaware of what the constitution permitted, when he called for a government dissolution followed by a general election.

De Silva noted that as per the 19th amendment, a government cannot be dissolved that easily.

Meanwhile, the president’s media unit said in a statement that the president and the PM did not agree, at a meeting yesterday, anything with regard to the forming of administrations in the LG bodies or their future political activities.


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