Feb 03, 2018

Bellanwila Nayaka Thera passes away Featured

Chief incumbent of the Bellanwila Temple - Prof. Ven. Wimalarathana Thera has passed away at the Asiri Surgical Hospital at 12.01pm today (03) due to a fatal heart attack.

The Thera was initially rushed to the Kalubowila hospital yesterday after being injured while feeding a tusker at the temple. Later, the Thera was transferred to the Asiri Surgical Hospital for further treatment. However, the Thera had suffered a fatal heart attack, hospital reports say.

Although initial reports claimed that the Thera was attacked by the tusker, latest reports say that the Thera was feeding the tusker named Miyan Kumara some tamarind yesterday morning when the beast had suddenly grabbed the food, causing the accident.

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