Feb 01, 2018

UNP responsible for delay in cases against Rajapaksas – president Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena blames the UNP for the delay in the cases against the Rajapaksa family members.

Speaking at a meeting with journalists yesterday (31), he noted the law and order and other ministries governing the police, CID and the attorney general’s department were the parties responsible for the delay.

He said those institutions came under the UNP leader, under their agreement for the unity government, and that he would not interfere in their affairs.

If something goes wrong somewhere, the relevant ministers should take responsibility, he stressed.

An unholy alliance of the corrupt

The president said he had doubts if the parliamentary debate on the CB bond auction report could succeed even if it would be taken up on February 06 following the challenge posed by him, although original plans were to debate it on February 22.

He went onto say that the debate could have been a success had it been debated earlier extensively for several days, considering its technical, legal and scientific aspects, adding that the matter was not something an MP could argue over for five to 10 minutes.

Not even 90 per cent of the MPs will attend the debate as campaigning for the mini-polls will conclude only on February 07, he added.

An unholy alliance of the corrupt named in the reports by the commissions that probed the CB bond auction and serious acts of fraud or corruption has been formed and an after-election date fixed originally to protect each other, he charged.