Jan 31, 2018

What bad luck for Attanayake M. Herath!

Attanayake M. Herath is a regular participant of the ‘Ama Dahara Daham Sabhawa’ Buddhist programme telecast on Swarnavahini television channel every Poya day, but he had been delayed in attending the past two programmes due to flat tyres in his vehicle.

He said this during the Ama Dahara programme today (31).

When he had tried to leave to attend the last Ama Dahara programme, all four tyres of his vehicle had deflated. When he tried to leave this morning to attend today’s programme, two of his car tyres had deflated.

He also revealed that he had been in an accident recently in the Aludeniya area where his vehicle had toppled and was completely destroyed, but he had miraculously escaped without a scratch on him.

He said this could have escaped unhurt as a result of the meritorious deeds done by him.