Jan 27, 2018

Clean alliance after election: corrupt authoritarians out! Featured

By now there is an alliance of a corrupt and cruel group that is emerging against the country’s process of revealing corruption and fraud, but we should instead, establish an alliance that is clean and corrupt free and also those who truly care for the country, President Maithripala Sirisena said.

The President made this statement during the meeting with media institution heads held yesterday (26).

He noted that the journey within the government is not an easy path but he is prepared to endure any challenge facing him in order to eradicate corruption and establish clean governance.

Addressing the media heads and editors, the President further said;

 Aloysius telephone conversations:

“We must do this for the children of tomorrow. In revealing corruption and fraud, we should not allow the officers and institutions carrying out this task to be demoralised or weakened.

 During the investigations on Arjun Aloysius’s telephone conversations, this sort of thing happened. The names of ministers and MP’s who had conducted alliances with him were revealed. 

At that time they accused us of tapping their telephones and listening in on their conversations. But that was not what happened. What really happened was that only the names of those who had telephone conversations with Aloysius were revealed.

However, due to this incident, police officers were made to give statements. If this situation continues, these state officers would be hesitant to act impartially and be demoralised.

Ranilvskaru 1

The Prime Minister prevented Ravi’s statement

Ravi Karunanayake said that the statement I had made on the Bond Commission report was false. But, I made that statement based on the advice of senior attorneys.

On the first occasion when Ravi Karunanayake was trying to make a statement in parliament against my statement on the Bond Commission report, the Prime Minister prevented him and on the second occasion the Speaker prevented him.

I see the statement made by Ravi on the Bond issue, as him committing suicide.

Based on the recommendations of the Commission appointed to investigate the Central Bank Treasury Bonds and the Commission appointed to investigate serious frauds and corruption, I am committed to act in a manner that would avert any severe consequences in implementing its future steps.”