Nov 27, 2016

Maithri seeks Trump’s support! Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena says he has requested US president-elect Donald Trump to extend fullest support for activities of his government and for Sri Lanka’s development.

He made the remark yesterday (25) at a SLFP membership promotion at Galle Town Hall.

The president said the UNHRC proposals with regard to Sri Lanka would be referred to the new US leader and talks held through special envoys, in order to get the island freed from this international crisis.

He said that would definitely work to ensure Sri Lanka’s victory.

Should reject extremism

President Sirisena went onto say that a country should be built for all to live with confidence after rejecting extremism in both the north and the south.

He said he would work as the president of all citizens.

The SLFP should teach a new lesson to the masses of how to eliminate fraud, corruption and irregularities, and to reject swindling of public money.

He gave details as to how Rs. 4,012 million had been defrauded during the previous regime, purportedly for the Nilwala river project.