Jan 26, 2018

Hirunika to fight alone

The Colombo High Court Judge R. Gurusinghe today (26), ordered the case filed against MP Hirunika Premachandra will be taken up for hearing on June 07.

She faced allegations over the abduction of a youth on December 21, 2015 in a defender jeep.

The other 08 accused in this case had pleaded guilty earlier and were fined and handed suspended sentences. However, as Hirunika had pleaded not guilty before court, the high court will pursue charges filed against her.

Six out of the 08 accused were present in court today (26) and completed the process of payment of compensation to the victim and the court fines, while the other two accused had pledged to pay the fine and compensation on March 04.

Hence, the High Court Judge ordered the removal of the six accused from future judicial activities as they had paid their fines.