Jan 26, 2018

Ravi’s speech would’ve been suicidal – president Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena stresses that there is no basis for Ravi Karunanayake and others to find fault with the statement he has made with regard to the questionable Central Bank bond auctions.

It was a correct decision by the speaker not to allow Karunanayake to make a speech to the House, the president says, adding that it would have been suicidal for the ex-finance minister had he made the statement.

Running for a second term?

President Sirisena was speaking to owners and heads of media institutions at a meeting this morning (26).

He also said that he was yet to decide if he would run for a second term, but said that he would continue to be in active politics.

Something that happened in the past 3 yrs

He went onto say that information has come to light that the direct revenue to the state in the past 50 to 60 years had been credited to private companies in the past three years without government or cabinet approval.

That had been done by certain persons who were, and still are, having links with the government in order to gain profits for their businesses.

Also, irregularities are being exposed in re-exportations and pricing of imported goods that are being done through links with the political authority, said president Sirisena.

In such a scenario, it is quite a challenging task to develop the country, he said, adding however, that he would do his best in that regard.

Alliances of plunderers

According to him, alliances of plunderers are formed to prevent the exposure of fraud and corruption, and the patriotic people and organizations should get together to counter them.

Also, investigating agencies and officers should be encouraged to carry out their duties, while the media, too, has a role to play by the country, said the president.

He promised all commitment to ensure legal and other action with regard to the recommendations and revelations made by the presidential commissions of inquiry into the CB bond auctions and fraud and corruption.

The president also said assistance would be given to the election commission to conduct free and fair local government polls, with the implementation of an electoral level programme to prevent irregularities.

He added that he disapproved of attempts to exploit university students to breach peace that should prevail during an election time.