Jan 26, 2018

UVA PC member arrested

The UNP member of the Uva Provincial Council A. Ganeshamoorthy had been arrested on allegations of financial fraud.

Meanwhile, six persons had been arrested in connection with the assault on Provincial Councillor Ganeshamoorthy at the Uva Provincial Council premises yesterday.

Ganeshamoorthy who had sustained injuries during the attack is currently receiving treatment at the Badulla hospital.

The persons who had been arrested and are currently receiving treatment at the Badulla hospital, will be produced before the Badulla Magistrate during the course of the day (26), the police said.

A tense situation erupted within and opposite the Uva Provincial Council yesterday, due to a group of persons assaulting Provincial Councilor Ganeshamoorthy.

During the attack eight persons sustained injuries and were admitted to the Badulla hospital. Among them were Ganeshamoorthy and Upali Senaratne.

Due to the resulting tense situation, heavy police protection was deployed at the Uva Provincial Council premises.