Nov 27, 2016

Don’t give arms to FSP through SAITM! Featured

There is strong opposition within government ranks to parliamentary committee recommendations with regard to the private medical college SAITM, ‘Sathhanda’ reports.

Opponents say the report is strengthening the Frontline Socialist Party and other parties in the opposition.

It will boomerang on the government and it will also be an undue political risk it will be taking, if it appears on behalf of an institution that has earned public wrath for having challenged even the Medical Council.

These opponents as well as leftist parties in parliament recall their past experiences and stress that the report should be rejected.

J.R.’s debacle in 1981 recalled

They noted how the then J.R. Jayewardene regime failed to control the youth uprising that resulted from an anti-government campaign by students and leftist parties against the Colombo North private medical college at Ragama in 1981.

Likewise, the FSP is using the SAITM issue to strengthen its weakened cadre, they have pointed out to the government.

Even after that private medical college was taken over by the state in 1988, the leftist parties continued to command youth attraction it has gained, and that had gone on to strengthen the anti-government movement in the south in 1988-89, these parties pointed out.

Govt. admits opposition

When contacted, a government representative admitted opposition within government ranks to the report and said the matter would be raised with both the president and the prime minister.

Also, there is a question as to why such a report was issued while a court case was ongoing into the SAITM matter.

The representative said a majority in the government would not work to appease personal objectives and lose the youth attraction it has gained to form its administration.

The appointment of a committee to formulate a solution acceptable to all is under consideration, he added.