Nov 26, 2016

Decision made on Royalties for the music field Featured

The efforts taken to ensure a proper mechanism is in place to guarantee musicians, music directors and lyricists royalty for their works have been successful, said Commerce and Industry Ministry Secretary T. M. K. B. Tennakoon.

When contacted in this regard the Secretary said that during the past there was no proper mechanism to ensure the royalties were being paid methodically to the musicians, music directors and lyricists. However, after discussions were being held with two organisations registered with the National Intellectual Property Office new structures will be set in place to ensure the payment of royalties in a methodical manner.

Accordingly, a new organisation will be set up with the leadership of Lucian Bulathsinhala’s ACPO and Jayantha Dharmadasa’s OCSA including three singers, three lyricists and three musicians, a representative of the National Intellectual Property Office and a representative from the Cultural Department and this organisation is scheduled to be registered with the National Intellectual Property Office shortly.

Millions lost:

Commenting on the newly formed organisation the Industry and Commerce Ministry Secretary Tennakoon said, “Even though musicians, singers and lyricists have established the authenticity of their works, due to the lack of proper mechanisms in place these artistes lose millions annually in royalties. This is the reason we got all these parties together and discussed the issue together with the ACPO, OSCA and National Intellectual Property Office representatives to ensure justice for these artistes,” he said

“Later a discussion was held at the Foundation Institute together with representatives from all related fields. As a result of this discussion the organisation will be formed. We have also allocated a separate office to house this organisation and are in the process of providing all required facilities,” added Tennakoon.

He said now that the mechanisms will be in place, royalties can be collected and distributed properly. In the future other fields too will be taken into consideration, he assured.