Jan 23, 2018

Victor Ratnayake to become a father again – Hashini pregnant

Victor Ratnayake’s young wife Hashini Amindra is a notable character these days being in the centre of the news. Stepping further into the limelight, Hashini is once again is the centre of social media with news of her pregnancy.

Hashini had earlier mentioned to media that her husband Victor and she were having an idea of starting a family.

Therefore, news circulating on social media about her pregnancy could have some truth to it. Some social media sites had noted that her pregnancy was noticeable in photographs taken of her while she was being taken to remand prison.

Hashini was taken into custody over a jewellery theft while she was employed at a state bank. She was produced in Court regarding this incident and is currently detained in remand custody.

However, the news of her pregnancy is still to be confirmed. Here are some photos taken of her while being taken to prison.