Jan 23, 2018

Know the law before collecting seashells

The Hambantota wild life officials have arrested a person for the possession of a stock of unauthorized sea shells.

The Hambantota Wild Life officials acting on a tip-off had raided a house in Tangalle yesterday (22) and found the stock of various types of shells in his possession that he had not obtained permission for. The stock of illegally stored shells were taken into the custody of the wild life officials.

Among the shells that were confiscated were Lankan shells, six fingers, conch shells and various other types of shells.

According to the Wild Life Department Zonal Ofiicer J.A.P. Wijaya Kumara, the stock of shells were taken into the custody of the wild life officials for legal procedures, while the suspect had been released on bail.

These type of incidents could take place deliberately or unknowingly. When one visits the beach various sorts of shells can be found including rare varieties of shells. Yet no one has the authority to hold such shells as one wishes. Hence, it is vital to know the laws that apply to the types of shells that a person can or cannot be in possession of.