Jan 23, 2018

Justice in Tamils’ demand for a separate state – Chandrika (video) Featured

Former president Chandrika Kumaratunga says that considering the different treatment they have received for a long time, there is justice in the Tamils’ demand for a separate state, according to radiogagana.com.

She admits the development that has taken place in Sinhala-majority provinces is yet to reach the Tamils.

Kumaratunga was speaking to the media at Sri Lanka Foundation yesterday (22) at the conclusion of a ‘brotherhood schools’ student camp conducted by the National Unity and Reconciliation Secretariat headed by her.

According to her, war was the result of the failure by the different communities to identify each other despite the country being small and not having a big population.

There had been no dialogue despite the fact that four communities belonging to four different religions lived in the country, she said, adding that no Prabhakaran could have been created, had each community been able to speak the other’s language.

Kumaratunga went onto to say that the president was leading the efforts and her Secretariat was taking measures to restore understanding among the communities.

The ‘brotherhood schools’ programme aims to create schoolchildren capable of working at provincial level for a positive change to ensure nation unity and reconciliation.