Jan 20, 2018

Advisory Council to safeguard good governance! Featured

A group of senior UNP and SLFP members are preparing to forward a proposal to the President and Prime Minister suggesting to appoint an advisory council consisting of members of both parties within the government in order to further strengthen the reconciliation and unity within the god governance government and ensure its future progress.

These senior ministers are suggesting such a move to prevent any future obstacles that may obstruct the government’s progress.

They are of the view that by appointing this advisory council, members of both parties could consult this council whenever they are faced with an issue that needs to be resolved which would facilitate the smooth functioning of the government and further solidify its unity and stability.

A group of senior UNP and SLFP members are scheduled to meet next week and discuss this proposal while ministers Malik Samarawickrema and Sarath Amunugama will take the lead in this endeavour.