Nov 26, 2016

Govt. propaganda entrusted to Mangala Featured

Formulating a mechanism to build up the image of the government at a time when the Unity Government is under severe criticism from all quarters has been entrusted to Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, government sources revealed.

The President and Prime Minister had requested Foreign Minister Samaraweera to take on this task.

This decision was taken as the President’s or Prime Minister’s media units have been unsuccessful in countering the baseless and negative media campaign against the Unity Government.

Due to the inability of state media units to effectively convey the government’s views to the public, the Unity Government has been placed in an uncomfortable position.

Next year crucial for govt.

The next year is extremely crucial to the government. In addition to the formulating of the new constitution and implementing the recommendations of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the government is also scheduled to implement legal action against those of the former regime who were investigated for corruption and fraud.

While the Local Government elections are scheduled to be held next year, the government could come under heavy criticism and it is vital to take the government message to the people in an effective manner, on delivering the promises made to the people.

The media operations committee to be established under the purview of Foreign Minister Samaraweera will also engage groups who were instrumental in media campaigns against the Rajapaksa regime and discussions in this regard are currently underway, it is learnt.