Nov 26, 2016

Malaysian Police busts human trafficking ring

Malaysian Police have busted a human trafficking syndicate operating in Malaysia for the past 8 months and rescued 30 victims from India and another five from Sri Lanka, the New Straits Times reported.

In an operation named ‘Op Atip Khas,’ police raided three locations in the Brickfields area and nabbed 8 suspects believed to be members of the syndicate.

Those arrested in the operation, which took place at 5am yesterday, include the syndicate’s head and his deputy, as well as three drivers and three premise minders.

“The syndicate was headed by a 32-year-old Sri Lankan who was assisted by a 47-year-old Indian female,” said Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Datuk Amar Singh.

He said police detected the syndicate renting condominiums and flats in the Brickfields area as accommodation over the past eight months.

The victims were duped into coming to Malaysia with the promise of work as maids and shop assistants, as well as in the plantation sector. However, when they arrived in Malaysia, the victims were instead exploited by the syndicate for sexual purposes, he said.

“The syndicate targeted foreign nationals as their clients (Bangladesh, India and Nepal), but there was also demand from local men,” Amar added.