Jan 16, 2018

Maithri’s term ends in August 2020? Featured

Differing opinions are making rounds about the day Maithripala Sirisena began the term of his presidency, although the Supreme Court has ruled that the term should be five years.

The latest opinion is that the 19th amendment began to be law on 17 August 2015, the day the present government was formed, although the amendment was adopted on 28 April 2015.

Therefore, president Sirisena’s term started on 17 August, and he can remain in office until 17 August 2020, one opinion says, which means he can have a term of four months short of six years.

The 19th amendment clause in this regard reads as,

"(3) The provisions of section 9 (in so far it relates to paragraph (1) of Article 46 of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka) and the provisions of sections 15,28, 29 30 and 31 shall come into force upon the conclusion of the General Election held immediately after the date on which this Act comes into operation."

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