Jan 03, 2018

Remembrance of youth killed at Gandhi roundabout

The Tamil Civil Organization yesterday (02), organized a ceremony to commemorate the five youths killed at the Gandhi roundabout in 2006.

The 11th commemoration was held by lighting lamps in their memory with the participation of the relatives of the five youths who were killed and a group of rehabilitated LTTE members.


In 2006 five youths were killed and two other were injured and were admitted to the Trincomalee hospital when a hand grenade was hurled and shots fired at a group f youths gathered at the Gandhi roundabout at night on January 02, 2006.


The blame for the attack was aimed at the Police STF group that was stationed in Trincomalee at the time, while a, ASP, two Sub Inspectors and 13 soldiers were arrested in this connection. The case is still ongoing at the Trincomalee Magistrate’s Court.



01 Lamps being lit in remembrance of the five youths who were killed

02 The relatives of the youths lighting the oil lamps