Dec 27, 2017

Cutouts for elections – Police penalized

All police station OICs will be subjected to severe disciplinary action if they fail to take measures to remove all posters, cutouts and other election related decorations within their police areas, warned the Senior DIG who is in charge of police election duties, C.D. Wickremeratne.

He said the police headquarters is constantly monitoring areas that have not removed all election related posters, cutouts and banners.

The Senior DIG said all police OICs should carry out their election duties without bias, adding that complaints could be lodged with the police election unit if any police officer is found to be action partially towards any party or candidate.  

Wickremeratne also stated that complaints regarding the non removal of all posters and election related cutouts and banners could also be reported to the Police election unit. He said all Police station OICs had been duly educated on the manner police officers are expected to carry out their duties during the upcoming elections.