Dec 20, 2017

Gas World wins tender to supply medical gases

Gas World (Pvt) Ltd, an associate company of Industrial Gases (Pvt.) Ltd, who was in the Gas business for over 25 years, has won the Health Ministry tender to supply medical air, which is used in ventilators, incubators and for administering anaesthesia in public hospitals.

The contract is to supply, deliver and unload medical air as well as to provide maintenance services for the storage of gas and gases in liquefied form. Gas World (Pvt) Ltd has been awarded the contract for majority of hospitals, in April 2017.

A Fundamental Rights case has been filed in the Supreme Court in September 2017 against the award by one of the bidders, M/s. Ceylon Oxygen PLC, who had lost 33 hospitals and won only 7 hospitals from a competitive open tender published in October 2016 only because of their high prices.

The Supreme Court has not granted leave to proceed the case (S.C.APPLICATION (F/R) NO.314/17) recently.

Gas World Chairman Sumith Guruge stated that Ceylon Oxygen does not know how to compete in tenders under a level playing field.