Dec 18, 2017

Rs. 250 m go waste from petrol-from-waste project Featured

A semi-commercial project by the Petroleum Resources Development Ministry to produce petrol from plastic waste has been a failure.

The project received a Rs. 250 million funding from the treasury.

Its aim was to minimize petroleum imports and save Rs. 30 million of foreign exchange.

Under this project, the production cost of furnace oil being sold at Rs. 40 per litre was Rs. 350 per litre.

So far, it has produced 39,600 litres and earned Rs. 1,584,000.

The project intended to utilize 660,000 kg of plastic waste a year, but only 22,000 kg had been used until now.

By 15 July 2015, the treasury had given Rs. 250 for the project, for which the equipment had been brought on 03 September of that year.