Dec 18, 2017

JO Yasapala joins SLFP, party at Upali’s (Pics)

Provincial Council Member of the Joint OppositionYasapala Koralage had obtained SLFP membership last night (17).

It is reported that he is expected to be appointed as the SLFP Organizer for Horana.

Koralage having joined the SLFP had held a party yesterday at Upali’s Restaurant in Town Hall.

The Western Province Chief Minister Isura Devapriya and UPFA member Weerakumara Dissanayake, who joined the SLFP recently and was appointed a Deputy Minister, was also present at the function.

Meanwhile, police had received a complaint that nominations of the Horana Pradeshiya Sabha that were to be presented by the SLFP had been snatched away by a group of persons last night (17).

According to police, three persons had come to former Provincial Councilor Kithulgoda’s residence and snatched away the nomination papers.

The complained filed with the police states that the persons had threatened Kithulgoda by holding him by his throat and had stolen the nomination papers and several other files and escaped.

However, the police stated that these persons had already been identified.

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