Dec 17, 2017

Junior policemen in difficulties due to IGP’s ideas Featured

Junior police officers are finding it very difficult to find money for various community programmes initiated by IGP Pujith Jayasundara, because they are strictly forbidden from financial use.

The Police Department does not provide any funding for these progammes, being carried out at 454 police stations islandwide, that include mobile services and construction of a house for a poor family at every police division.

The junior officers are being forced by their seniors to find the money required, making them demand money from shops, hotels and from persons involved in illegal activities.

Some even had to pawn the jewelries of their wives and children to find the money.

This has made their situation worse, as suppliers come to the police stations and insist they pay for the supplies, which affects their self-respect.

As a result, an increasing number of policemen is going to their seniors asking for transfers.

Owing to this, only nearly 100 of the 454 houses intended for poor families have so far been built, while the others have to be stopped halfway due to the inability to find raw material.