Dec 16, 2017

During the previous regime 24 elephant cows killed, 24 calves sold Featured

The investigations conducted by the CID with regard to the killing of 24 elephant cows and selling their offspring has reportedly been halted.

The CID investigations had uncovered an illegal operation that was carried out where elephant calves were obtained for sale by killing their mothers.

It was uncovered that a person known as Ali Roshan had been behind the killing of these elephant cows and obtaining their calves which were sold for amounts between Rs. 5 to 20 million.

The elephant cows had been sedated and the calves were transferred to Colombo in Defender jeeps.

However, as the antidote to revive these sedated elephant cows were not administered these elephant cows had subsequently died.


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The investigations have further revealed that Ali Roshan had the support of a person named Neville, who was former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Chief Security Officer.

The most number of elephant calves were caught from the Kaudulla, Minneriya and Welikanda areas.

Investigations have revealed that most of the elephant calves that were found in many prominent temples in Colombo were those obtained by killing its mother.

Only one case is before Courts in regard to this illegal and inhumane operation, while the rest of the files had been sent to the AG’s Department, but so far no action has been initiated by the AG’s Department.

This has resulted in the delay in filing charges against the perpetrators.