Dec 16, 2017

Danger of still births due to air pollution! Featured

Due to the pollution caused by the burning of polythene and air pollution, there is a heightened danger of cancer, heart disease, strokes and still births, said the Senior Director of the National Health Academy, Dr. Sumal Nandasena.

He said burning of polythene releases toxic gases like Dioxins, Furans, and carbon Monoxide into the atmosphere adding that vehicle emissions increases the nitrogen oxides and Suspended particles in the air.

Dr. Nandasena stressed that due to the smoke emissions pollution from open fire cooking areas it could increase the chances of respiratory ailments, lung cancer, urinary cancer etc in those who inhale these emissions.

The burning of polythene has been currently banned according to environmental laws.

Burning of polythene even in one’s own garden is a punishable offence.

According to the Environmental Protection Act, this offence carries a jail term of two years or Rs. One million fine, the Central Environmental Authority said.